Yay for photoshop productivity

Yay. New profile header. XD

Still not satisfied with it though. I like the other one I made better. But I'm using it elsewhere. lol

Fyi, those are girls. Not guys, in case you're wondering.

To ISTA: I'll post the CSS script on the comm probably during the weekend. Remind me! XD

Az'rinth, we love you

Intrams finals today.
We lost the championship.
To the Syntrx.
Congrats to them.


It hurts, obviously. But you know what? It doesn't matter.
Even if we don't have the championship, we're still the best.
We're even more bonded than ever.
Most, if not all of us cried. 
Which shows our connections with each other.

I have nothing against the Syntrx really. I mean, I sort of love that batch too. 
But, yeah. That really killed all of us. We feel very....
Upset? I can't even find the right word.

But the mingled tears of Az'rinth and some of Calyx really made me feel better.
Hugs are love.
Az'rinth, Calyx, we may have lost in the intrams...
But our batch spirit and camaraderie reaches far beyond this.

Animo Az'rinth! Animo Calyx!